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Hack tài nguyên thịt gỗ vàng trong đế chế AOE

GoManager – Pokemon Go Multiple Bot Manager 2.2.6

Auto Pokemon GO tốt nhất

  1. hacobi1102

    • Usable HTTP/HTTPS proxies
    • Multiple accounts to use
    The guide will not cover how to get proxies or multiple accounts. There are many other posts for that and I don’t want to direct too many users to the same proxy vendor because it will only cause their proxies to get blocked by Niantic.

    Step 1: Installing the GoManager
    Download and extract the latest version of GoManager to your folder of choice. The download is available at Top.

    Step 2: Creating the accounts and proxies documents
    Create a new text file in that folder named accounts as well as a new text file in that folder called proxies. You can do this by right clicking on an empty space in the folder, going to new and selecting Text Document.
    When that is done it should look something like this in your folder:
    Now open up the username.txt file and fill it with the accounts you wish to bot on. You should fill them in with the format:

    Save the file and exit when this is done. Now open the file proxies.txt and enter your proxies in the format:

    You can use Authentication required Proxies by following this format, if the proxy is public then you only need to enter the IP & Port with the : as a seperator
    IP-address: port:username: password
    Save the file and exit when this is done. For both accounts and proxies you should add one username per line.

    Step 3: Loading the accounts into Go Manager

    Once you have prepared your account and proxy files launch the GoManager executable file which is called PokemonGoGUI.exe. When it launches there will be a pretty much empty window. Now Right click, go to Import Accounts and select Default. If you have a configuration made in Go Manager that you wish to use for all of your accounts, and is exported, you can select w/ Config.
    Now browse to the folder of the GoManager and select your username.txt file. It should let you know that it successfully imported your accounts.
    Step 4: Adding proxies
    Now select both of the rows with accounts and right click on any of them. The menu will open again. Go to Proxies and select Import Proxies.
    Then browse to your Go Manager folder and select and open the file proxies.txt. It will prompt you for how many accounts to use per proxy. I advise that you use two at most, though some have gotten more to work. If you use more then you are likely to receive a temporary IP-ban which will prevent you from botting from that proxy for about an hour.
    When selecting OK the proxies will be distributed over the selected accounts with no more than the number of accounts per proxy that you selected.
    After this the setup is more or less done. You can now select all bots, right click them and select Start to start them.
    That is more or less it. I would be happy to help answer any questions you might have in this thread. If you like the program please support the creator SLxTnT. Donation info is found in his discord, link below.


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